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Taylor Behrens is a blissfully ignorant man from the central wastelands of Washington. The state. Not D.C. He would have said that if that's what he meant. Taylor grew up immersed in the regional theater community in Wenatchee, WA. He performed in numerous musicals and plays for audiences of real human people. Sometimes for over 200 eyes at a time! But he soon realized that the stage wasn't enough. The audience was just too far away. He needed the people to see the drops of sweat rolling down his brow and into his mouth, while his lips curled into a small, satisfied smirk at the salty surprise.  So, he packed up his ripped Abercrombie jeans and Ed Hardy T-shirts and threw that shit away because the style was dead. Then he got the rest of his clothes and drove his 2008 blue Mazda 6 covered in flames to the nearest gas station, because, well duh, and then hit the open road headed straight for the city of Angels.

Once in LA, Taylor found his home in the comedy community. He really thrived in the improv world. Taking classes and eventually performing on house teams at Second City, IOWest and UCB. He learned to transfer his confidence and skills from theater acting to the world of improvisation. DO NOT trust this man, as he can make things up on the spot, and convince you of practically anything. Soon, Taylor woke up from his comedy haze and remembered his first passion and the driving force that brought him to Los Angeles - acting. So, he began doing workshops, taking classes and blowing auditions. Eventually, he found a home at the Beverly Hills Playhouse where he has (really really tried to) perfect his craft.

In short, he's a weirdo that will do anything for a laugh, but is highly trained and skilled at fooling the world into thinking he's something that he's not. Happy.


Disclaimer: He is actually happy. No need to call anyone. The pills are working just fine.
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